quarta-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2010

Maratona de Cartas 2010 - Caso # 1: Um grupo de romenos desalojado à força e posteriormente realojado numa zona de potencial perigo tóxico

A prpósito disto.

Ráduly Róbert Kálmán
Mayor of Csíkszereda
Municipality of Csíkszereda
Vár tér 1. 530110, Csíkszereda
Harghita county

Dear Mayor,

It has come to my attention through Amnesty International that in June 2004,
around 100 Roma people were forcibly evicted from their home on Pictor Nagy
Street in a town called Miercurea Ciuc. Around 75 of them are now living in
metal cabins and shacks right next to a sewage plant. The conditions are
unsanitary and a horrible smell of human excreta hangs permanently in the air.
The Roma were told that the move was temporary, but nearly six years later, the
local authorities have no plan to relocate them to adequate housing. The rest of
the community evicted from Pictor Nagy Street is living by a garbage dump two
kilometres outside the town.

The families were removed from their home against their will and the authorities
did not follow the safeguards for evictions laid down by international law: they
were not given the opportunity to challenge the eviction decision and they were
given no opportunity to engage with the decision-making process and influence
their own future.

Therefore I would like to appeal to your Excellency to engage in a genuine
consultation with Roma living by the sewage plant in Primaverii Street and those
who moved next to the garbage dump, to identify a relocation site and alternative
housing which comply with the requirements of international and regional
human rights law and standard. Housing is a human right and alternative and
adequate housing for all Roma living on Primaverii Street should be provided,
regardless of the nature of their tenancy, in a safe and healthy location.
Furthermore, I would also like to call on your Excellency to devise a plan to
facilitate the integration of the Roma within the broader community of

Yours Sincerely,

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