quarta-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2010

Maratona de Cartas 2010 - Caso # 2: Uma senegalesa que desconhece o paradeiro do marido, depois de este ter sido levado pelo exército em 1999, por suspeitas de pertencer a um movimento de forças democráticas

A propósito disto!

Monsieur Cheikh Tidjane Sy
Ministère de la Justice
Building administratif BP
4030 Dakar

Your Excellency,

The plight of Khady Basséne has come to my attention through Amnesty International.
On August 4 1999, Mrs. Basséne’s husband, Jean Diandy, was arrested by soldiers at
his home, because he was suspected of belonging to the Democratic Forces of
Casamance Movement (MFDC, Mouvement des forces démocratiques de la
Casamance). Another man arrested with Mr. Diandy was later released without any
explanation but Jean Diandy remained in detention.

Khady Bassène went looking for her husband in the military camp and at the police
station, but was unable to obtain any information on his whereabouts. On August 31
1999, she filed a complaint for the illegal arrest and detention of her husband. After the
inquiry was initiated, the case was dismissed by the court on August 7 2000; however,
Khady Bassène was not informed of this decision and was therefore deprived of the
right to appeal it.

Khady Bassène now lives in the outskirts of Ziguinchor. She is in poor health and too
weak to work. She is currently living in the house of a distant relative. Although this
relative had initially given his consent for her to live there without paying rent (without a
signed formal agreement), the owner has recently announced that he wants to move
back into the house. Hence, Khady Bassène is at risk of eviction and has nowhere else
to go.

Therefore I would like to appeal to your Excellency to order that the investigation into
the death of Jean Diandy is re-opened and the suspected perpetrators be brought to
justice. Khady Bassène wants to know what happen to her husband so she can grieve,
and to receive financial reparation for his disappearance so she can be financially
independent and live in dignity without fear of eviction. I would also like to call on your
Excellency to break the cycle of impunity regarding human rights violations in Senegal
at all levels.

Yours Sincerely,

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